ALL IN THE DETAILS: Look Out, Watch Out

The band T-shirt and jeans: it’s a tried and true ensemble worn by feisty tweens, grungy teens and spry baby boomers alike. So how does one make it their own? The details. I’m going to highlight three details in particular of this guy’s garb: his glasses, the watch and those cuffed sleeves on his killer Queen shirt.

I’m a fan of bespectacled folk. Glasses add such character. The frames of such icons as Andy Warhol, Woody Allen and Yves Saint Laurent are in themselves, iconic. Steve McQueens’s blue-lensed Persol 714s are a personal favorite. While acetate frames seem to be the most prevalent lately; my affections lean more toward those of the metal variety. It seems this Fashionisto shares that preference. Rendered in bronze metal, the striking shape of his circular pair is mellowed. The bi-color arms add a nice touch.

With the Apple Watch making waves, I’m dying to see a classic watch resurgence. There’s nothing quite like not being able to fall asleep due to the incessant ticking on your wrist-bound alarm clock. All jokes aside, a watch is truly a piece to invest in. One could even become your signature. My dream is to own a Cartier Tank, but for now I’m donning a bronze Casio. They’re a nice option if you tend towards ’90s-inspired outfits. This Fashionisto chose a refined watch with a clean leather band and a minimalist face. If classic prep is more your style, snag a Timex Weekender. Or, if you have a bit more pocket change, a Shinola Gomelsky is quite the stunner.

I cuff everything these days: cardigans, jeans, T-shirts—you name it. When Jenna Lyons (who also rocks a mean pair of frames) shared the “J.Crew method” for cuffing the sleeves of button-downs, my life was forever altered. The cuff, a measly couple of folds, totally changes the vibe of an article of clothing, and is not solely for button-downs. With T-shirts, the technique is sort of like poor man’s tailoring. It allows the sleeve to hit slightly higher on the arm: a more modern, flattering length.

How To: It’s easy-peasy. First, find a band T-shirt. Next, you’ll need a pair of slim-fitting jean shorts and  a timepiece. Finally, put down the contacts and hop on over to LensCrafters or Warby Parker. If you’re naturally 20/20, I’ll leave the choice of “fashion frames” up to you. Cue the Freddie Mercury pose.