ALL IN THE DETAILS: Look At The Flicka The Flare

When you look at this Fashionista’s outfit, what do your eyes go to immediately? Her high-waisted tribal print pants. Recently, from Instagram to Tumblr to Coachella, these pants have been taking over. Every girl, no matter her body type, is trying to invest in these unbelievably flattering pants. For some reason, either the flare or the pattern allows for your legs to look lean and long and for your booty to look plump and perky.

Although not technically an accessory, I am calling these the must-have item of the summer. Depending on the material you get them in, these pants keep you cool even in the warm summer weather and are so comfy. Need an easily removable outfit for shopping? Need a quick slip-on for the beach? Need something you can pig out in at brunch without having to worry about unbuttoning? These are the pants for you.

Looking for a good deal on them? Check out LA’s fashion district—with a little bit of bargaining, you can end up leaving with bags of them in all different colors and patterns for very, very cheap!

How To: Since the pants are unique enough to steal the show, simply pair them with a basic top. If you’re looking to show off your body, stick to a tight crop top. If you want something a little looser, you can follow this Fashionista’s lead or go a little more boho with something like this. If you’re feeling a top and bottom duo, then you can get something like this. Add in a dainty gold necklace and reflective sunnies to complement the tribal print and complete the outfit!