ALL IN THE DETAILS: Longing for Layers

Cold weather is beginning to rear its head in the South. With the start of November, Floridians have been begging for a dip in temperature. I know what you all are thinking, “It doesn’t even get that cold in Florida!” Ok, it might not get as cold as it does in the rest of the country, but we have our own variation of winter! The days start off cold but will rise 20 degrees by mid-afternoon. Clearly, layers are an essential this season and one of the most popular options is the flannel shirt. For years, the piece has been a staple for the chillier of days. It’s versatility has allowed for the piece’s widespread adoption across a plethora of style genres. This Fashionisto added his own dapper flare to the trend.

First of all, let’s discuss the color. For some reason, red flannel shirts seem to be all the rage these days. This Fashionisto took the road less traveled and hit us with a more cheery option. The yellow and blue based plaid is a refreshing break from the ever so popular red and black combination. Underneath, he wore a neutral henley. The color played well to the brown undertones in the plaid. A henley is a great base for layering on those tricky fall days in the south. He cuffed his jeans to accentuate his patterned socks and RAD oxfords. Both pieces have remained on top of the men’s trend list for quite some time. Fun socks add personality to a look and a pair of oxfords can take a man from darling to dashing. To top off the look (pun intended), this Dapper Dan opted for a flat brim fedora. I mean, can you say classy?

How To: There are several ways to style a flannel. Layering the piece is a smart way to stay both trendy and warm. Start with a solid base. This allows you to skillfully add tiers to your look without the worry of clashing. When you’re done, add sweet accessories like layered necklaces or stacked rings for some minor detail. PHEW! It’s 12:00 pm and the temperature is starting to rise. Switch up your look by pulling a total ’90s move. Wrap the sleeves of your flannel shirt around your waist to relieve yourself from the heat exhaustion. Two looks in one. Score!