As winter approaches, finding a coat that will keep you warm, but not too much, is hard to find. Living in Michigan, the weather is constantly changing, so it is not abnormal to have a variety of coats for different occasions and temperatures. For men, the decision must be made whether it is too cold for a hoodie or too warm for a heavy down coat. Well, I have found the perfect solution to this problem with this North Face trench coat.

This jacket can be worn on almost any occasion. It can be worn over dress clothes or jeans. But, either way, you will be warm, comfortable and stylish. This Fashionisto went the casual route. He stuck to neutral colors and wore the coat with a pair of black jeans, gray Vans and a comfy beanie to top off the winter look. This look can be easily duplicated with the right jacket or by adding a scarf.

What I love most about this trench coat is the length. Most North Face jackets are waist length, but with the extra inches at the bottom, it gives the look of a warm winter coat, but nothing too over the top.

It’s time to keep the hoodies for the bonfires and the down coats for the ski hills and grab a trench coat like this one.

How To: Do you want to find a coat for those winter days that aren’t too cold or too warm? Try this long North Face trench coat from Urban Outfitters!