ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lobbed Lengths

Chopping off a few inches of hair is the easiest way to cut your getting-ready routine in half. Not only does short hair take less management, it looks healthier, cleaner and doesn’t get in a huge knot in the top of your neck whenever you wear a big comfy scarf. Some people fear cutting their hair for the same reason: “it took me so long to get it this long!”

What if long hair isn’t the trend anymore? Celebrities, bloggers and top hairstylists around the world are lobbing their lengths left and right. It’s easy to see everyone else do it, but it’s another thing to brave the consequences and go under the knife—I mean, the scissors.

Believe it or not, cutting your hair gives you more options. Whether you want to go for a layered, chic look with bangs or more of an edgy, choppy symmetrical bob, short hair gives you more flexibility in letting your hair reflect your personal style. This Fashionista expresses her subtle, yet feminine style by letting her single-layered hair fall in symmetrical, wavy lengths.

To complement her hair, this Fashionista is ready to take on the brisk fall air. Her puffy vest serves as an extra layer on top of a marled knit sweater. To create a classy-casual look, she added a classic rose gold watch for a little bling. There’s no better way to brighten up a long day of classes than a sweater, leggings and your favorite boots!

How To: Don’t fall for the myth that not everyone looks good with short hair. Do some research; you’ll learn that for whatever look you love to rock, there’s a hairstyle to bring it out even more!