ALL IN THE DETAILS: Living On The Edge

It’s just about the busiest time of the semester: the middle. At this point, school is so crazy that it’s hard to find the the time to put the effort into pulling together a totally trendy outfit right before your 8:30 a.m. class. The easiest way to quickly make a look trendy is to pair a simple outfit with edgy jewelry and shoes. Minor details can complete an outfit in major ways. This Fashionista knew just which items to pick to make her simple out a little more intricate.

This Fashionista chose to wear black ankle booties with her relaxed boyfriend jeans. Ankle booties are all the rage and instantly give an outfit more character. For her shirt she chose a plain colored black tank top. Though the tank top is plain in detail on the front, the back offers a lace skull that adds texture and edge to this style. The plain color of the tank top helps to accentuate the long necklace she chose as a statement piece. This Fashionista added more edge to her outfit by choosing an ear cuff and half-moon studs to wear in her ears. She topped off her outfit with some beaded bracelets and a chunky ring to balance out her placement of accessories.

How To: Achieving this Fashionista’s edgy outfit is super easy! Grab a plain colored top and pair it with your favorite jeans. Invest in ankle booties and the have fun rummaging through your jewelry box to find the perfect pieces that complement one another without overpowering.