ALL IN THE DETAILS: Like Your Boyfriend's Jeans, But Better!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Like Your Boyfriend's Jeans, But Better!

Years have come and gone and the various denim fads have gone with them. We went from bell-bottoms, to mom jeans, bootcut, to skinny, but now the “boyfriend jean” is staking its claim as one of today’s most popular trends.

The Boyfriend Jean is a fashion-forward cut that’s typically low-rise and hugs at the waist, with a slightly baggy straight leg which then tapers in towards the calf and ankle. A lot of boyfriend jeans are styled with a cuffed bottom and sometimes have distressing around the knees and thighs. This Fashionista is absolutely rocking this soft-grunge look with her distressed boyfriend jeans. This specific pair has a high-waisted fit, but still feels loose and comfortable. The heavy distressing at the knees brings a bold feel to the ensemble which is perfect for the look she was going for. The thin and simple cuff at the ankle is a great way to show off her shoes, and because this style of denim is slightly looser than a skinny jean, you can easily cuff your jeans as high or as low as you’d like and still maintain comfort!

Once this denim-lover found the perfect pair of jeans, she completed the look with some other amazing pieces. The black graphic T-shirt is simple yet edgy, which goes well with her choice to rock her favorite pair of Converse! And there is no doubt that the black and white theme is balanced perfectly by the light wash of the jeans. To tie her look all together she added some simple bracelets and a trendy choker necklace.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it comes to jeans, I am all about comfort. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze into a tight pair of jeans and feeling like they could rip any second! I’ve found that the boyfriend jean is a perfect happy medium between a skinny jean and a looser cut that allows you to get a flattering fit but still lets your legs feel free and feeling better than ever!”