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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Like Layering a Cake

Let’s be honest, if there’s cake, we’re all gonna have it and eat it too, but for the sake of our Instagrams, that cake has to be decadent. I believe the same thing goes for accessories! We gawk over those intricately decorated cakes in bakery shop windows just like we fan-girl over sleek Rebecca Minkoff bags hanging on display! They’re what draw the eyes to what’s amazing underneath; a fabulous personality and a delicious desert. Accessories are key to making an outfit look completely put together because they create layers. From small minimalistic touches to extravagant pieces, those details are another way to show off who you are!

This Fashionista layered a couple different accessories to show off her boho style! Starting at her toes, she fashioned a pair of brown, distressed booties to complement her worn-in style; to rock that boho style, an outfit can’t look too polished. This Fashionista drew attention to her layered necklaces by using a draped shirt and a white crop top. She chose to layer three silver necklaces of different lengths that aren’t overly extravagant, but together look stunning. Layering jewelry has become such a popular trend that allow Fashionistas/os to mix their favorite pieces and metals to add more appeal. To top off her look, this Fashionista styled a pair of Ray-Ban aviators to block out the haters and more importantly, to look fab!

How To: Worried that layering some extra jewelry will make you look like a gaudy grandma? Don’t sweat it. To get this look, layer a couple smaller sized pieces to look like one larger piece!