ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lighthearted Layering

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci hits home with those five words and they have been remembered for centuries. Not only do they apply to fashion, beauty and style (exactly what da Vinci had in mind with that quote, I’m sure), but more importantly to lifestyle and attitude.

This Fashionista takes simplicity to heart in the way she has styled herself, yet strays far from boring. The thin, subdued jewelry offers the opportunity to layer without being overbearing. The statement piece is the chain necklace, balanced by the smaller, thinner accessories distributed throughout her look. I myself am typically wary of the amount of jewelry I put on, allowing myself one or two pieces on average. However this Fashionista proves that when done correctly, several pieces at once can have an effortlessly chic effect. The layering of her clothing parallels the layering in her accessories, using repetition in a subtle way. Starting with a button-down denim shirt underneath, a wardrobe staple for any time of the year, she wears a sweater over it followed by a chain layer necklace. The necklace adds texture to the outfit, fusing hard and soft. The earrings follow suit, incorporating the rusted gold color of the necklace while maintaining the smooth texture of the rings and bracelets.

With the harsh, cold weather becoming more prevalent by the day and occasional ice storms blowing through town, the thought of excess heavy jewelry weighing you down as you waddle across campus bundled up in an oversize coat is less than ideal. But does that mean nix the accessories for the winter? How silly a thought. Follow this Fashionista’s example and you can brave the cold, without having to compromise your love for endless accessories.

How To: To score an ethereal look and jewelry comparable to hers, round up a collection of chain necklaces, thin bracelets, long, dainty earrings and a killer set of rings to stack.