ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let’s Scarf About It

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let’s Scarf About It

The New York City winter, although thankfully nothing like polar vortexes of the past, has been particularly cold lately. With recent blizzard conditions, the commute to work has been a layering act of thick socks, wool gloves and giant scarves. Scarves are the real deal here—the Great Bambino, the godfather, the golden McNugget of accessories necessary for city winter walkers like myself. Scarves not only protect one of the most crucial parts of your body when talking about controlling overall temperature, but they are the easiest way to show off some style.

I’ve seen men’s scarves a lot lately in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. I am a big fan! Whether its tucked in as a pop of color under an overcoat on Wall Street, worn as a statement piece or an oversized look on the subway, men’s scarves are quickly being seen all over the city.

This Fashionisto is a great example of a subtle scarf used in menswear. His mostly black ensemble is perfectly accessorized with neutral touches of brown suede and a mixture of gray and cream wool.  A black backpack and black leather gloves complete the look to create a work worthy outfit ready to face the elements on the streets. This Fashionisto pulls off the look by keeping the rest of the outfit pretty simple so nothing is competing with the scarf for attention. This is a good rule of thumb for someone who is not particularly comfortable with men’s scarves.

How To: Fashionistas/os can both ‘scarf it up’ with winter’s easiest and most comfortable accessory. Girls can pair a woven infinity scarf with a sweater and skinny jeans for a pretty class look. For the guys, work a scarf into outerwear like this week’s look. The scarf is an accessory that’s not leaving anytime soon, so keep experimenting with them!