ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let's Mix Things Up

When it comes to mixed metals, the feelings are definitely (excuse the pun) mixed. I have always thought that stacked jewelry looks less boring when worn in a variety of colors, but I know not everyone agrees. This Fashionista’s pairing of a contrasting jacket with silver and gold necklaces further convinced me that the two metals go better together.

A simple outfit can be timeless, and this Fashionista caught my eye with her stylish jacket. There are too many days when I try on at least five outfits before I am satisfied, but I need to take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and just go with chic staples.

Wearing mixed materials is great because it combines the best of both worlds. This Fashionista had a jacket with contrasting colors, which gave her the polished look of a linen blazer but still casual enough to almost look like a varsity jacket. Mixing her jewelry up was the perfect compliment to her outfit. Jackets with contrasting colors or leather sleeves have been a pretty big trend and pairing it with mixed metals is a genius way to complete the look.

How To: If you want to join team mixed metals but don’t quite know where to start, try a two-toned necklace and move a step up to a set of necklaces where the mixing has already been done for you. When you’re ready to get creative with the color combinations, get a stack of rings and never look back on the days before you decided to start mixing metals.