ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let's Make a Statement

Many Fashionistas are consumed with wearing bright colors, while other Fashionistas are infatuated with a closet full of black, gray and white. I have recently been a fan of black, gray and white. So when I spotted this Fashionista wearing some of my favorite pieces and adding her own flair, I had to document this look. This Fashionista is showcasing a fabulous way of achieving the best of both worlds: adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit. Statement jewelry is a versatile and exciting addition to any Fashionista’s closet because it can take an outfit to the next level.

This Fashionista did an amazing job adding a flower statement necklace to an otherwise simple outfit. The necklace really grabs your attention and ties the outfit together perfectly. The black and silver look great against the white T-shirt and chambray shirt with gold accents on the shoulders. This Fashionista’s light makeup makes the necklace a real focal point and draws one’s attention immediately.

This Fashionista’s loose white tank, black shorts and chambray shirt would be perfect for the weekend or a girl’s night out. Wearing her tan sandals and having her hair down and loose keeps the look casual and laid back. All in all, statement jewelry like this necklace brings the perfect amount of attention to any ensemble.

How To: To get this look, take simple pieces. Wear a simple dress or pair a basic top and bottom like this Fashionista does. Pick a bold necklace or other statement jewelry to jazz up any outfit.