ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let's Go Jogging

March 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you live in the New York area, chances are you’re jumping for joy this week as the weather is finally starting to warm up. People around campus are quickly tossing their huge, bulky winter coats aside and bringing out their lighter jackets in the warmer (but still cool) weather. After a torturous and long winter, even 40-degree temperatures begin to feel warm. Now everyone is able to bring out their trendiest outfits and show them off around campus!

When I spotted this Fashionisto, I thought he had the perfect outfit to wear in this weather—especially because of the jogger pants he had on. Joggers are the newest fashion trend that everyone is beginning to participate in—how could you not? Not only are these pants trendy, but they are super comfortable, too. The different patterns on his gray jogger pants bring texture to his complete ensemble. His black Nike sneakers also go perfect with the rest of his outfit. They may be simple, but they match great with the type of ensemble he is going for.

This Fashionisto has on a navy blue quilted jacket on top, which is perfect for the temperatures happening during the transition from winter to spring. It also brought more texture to his outfit. Underneath this jacket, he wore a plain sweatshirt as an additional layer. He also had a simple graphic T-shirt underneath his sweatshirt. This Fashionisto is definitely ready for any temperature change throughout the day with all of the layers he has on. If he gets warm, that’s not a problem for him!

How To: Have you always wanted to wear joggers but never knew how? Have no worries! Just throw them on with a matching T-shirt and your favorite pair of sneakers. You can wear a comfy sweatshirt with them and take layers off as the weather permits!