ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let’s Get Some Shoes

July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

The click clack of a killer pair of heels down a hallway is not white noise; it is a song and dance of power. Have you ever noticed that when you hear the clicking and the clacking that you stand just a little bit taller and maybe the corners of your mouth turn up slightly with newfound confidence?

I love that feeling and when I spotted this Fashionista walking down the street I knew she had that “shoe confidence.” I could hear the clack of her heeled booties against the pavement and I knew I just had to photograph her.

This Fashionista had on a plain black button-down and fiery orange shorts. She added a striped backpack, the cherry top and her amazing heeled booties. The great part about a good pair of booties is that you can wear them with anything. They transition from season to season and they never go out of style.

My favorite way to wear a funky pair of booties in the summer is to wear them with a cute sundress and a lacy shawl on top. To transition them to fall, add knee-high socks and switch out the shawl for a sweater.

How To: Being nervous to try booties is the summer is natural, but such a cute pair of shoes should never go to waste in your closet for the season. If it’s the heat that bothers you, try a bootie with a peep toe and an open back to ensure that great summer look and stay fierce.