May 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

In recent years, many high fashion brands created the trend of adding art elements into their designs. Using oil paintings has become a way to create new patterns for accessories like bags. Bags with art paintings show people another side of you outside of your daily life: your artsy side. This idea makes the dream of “carrying” your appreciation and understanding of art come true. When you don’t know which purse to bring for a fancy event, that one purse with oil paintings on it will not let you down.

This Fashionista matches her monochromatic black outfit with a floral oil-painting-patterned purse. The black lace top adds some mysterious and feminine elements in the outfit. It also flatters the color in the purse. Since monochromatic outfits can easily get boring, putting some colorful details into your outfit is important. For jewelry, she chooses a gold necklace that echoes the metal element in the purse. To highlight the purse, she picked two pairs of small stud earrings. This medium sized, artsy purse could be used in any situation. No matter if it’s for daily use or for a social event, a cute purse that has drawings on it stands out from the crowd.

How To: Want to add something new when you feel like dressing monochromatically? Just go buy a bag with oil paintings on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tote, cross-body or a purse as long as you love the painting. Never underestimate the power of bags; they play a crucial role in balancing the color of your whole look.