ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let Your Shoes Do The Talking

Everyone knows shoes can be a girl’s best friend. It’s wintertime, though, and as the temperatures decrease, the amount of snow boots and UGGs increase. Wearing cute shoes in single digit weather can be challenging, even unappealing. But some Fashionistas manage to throw on stylish kicks despite the bitter air.

I spotted this Fashionista on a chilly afternoon in State College. From the back, her shoes immediately caught my eye. Her black buckled shoes were a hybrid of cutout booties and oxfords. Although areas of her feet were exposed to the cold, she combated the chilly temperature with opaque tights.

Her booties added a touch of unique style to her outfit—from their glossy finish to the buckle at the ankle, they tied her ensemble together. The best thing about this Fashionista’s footwear is the versatility they offer. As she demonstrated, her booties are perfect for cold weather. Yet they could easily pair with a dress in the spring or knee socks and shorts in the fall.

This Fashionista is also wearing a textured black coat and a bright scarf. Both keep her warm while also highlighting her taste. Silver rings litter her fingers, a detail that’s usually hidden under gloves in the cold but is a great added touch to anyone’s look.

How To: So, do you want to wear cute shoes while simultaneously staying warm? It’s not hard at all. Search for a pair of booties similar to this Fashionista’s (black is always a great option) and pair them with some fleece-lined tights or thick knee socks. Toss on a dress, and then wrap yourself up in a warm coat and cute scarf. In these temperatures, let your shoes do the talking.