ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let The Scarf Do The Talking

I’m sure everyone is aware of the camel trend that’s been going around since everyone and their moms are pretty much wearing something camel. I mean, I don’t blame them considering how versatile I’ve found the color to become. It’s like the camel shades have become the new black. With the fashion world obsessed with this color, it’s only natural that it would become this popular of a shade. From street-style to the Kardashians, I’m hooked!

One of my favorite ways of incorporating camel shades into an outfit is by adding a scarf and this Fashionista did just that. With a plaid shirt underneath and the rest of her outfit all-black, adding a bit of camel can help brighten up her look. Plus, the camel shade goes well with so many things, so it doesn’t look awkward with her plaid shirt underneath. I also love how it brightens her face instead of having her face hide behind her dark clothes.

Not only does it help add a bit of color to her outfit, it’s helping her keep warm in this cold and harsh weather in New York City. It’s been way below five degrees this past weekend so a scarf is a necessity to survive. Add a comfortable pair of boots and a cute bag and you’re set to brace the cold.

This outfit is perfect for any casual activities like brunching with your favorite gals or going out into the city and exploring some museums. Since the outfit is super comfortable and casual, you aren’t bothered by aching toes and can comfortably walk as long as you want. If you’re going to travel and can’t think of what to wear, this outfit would be perfect for sightseeing!

How To: Just add a camel scarf to any outfit and you’ll be on trend. For a casual look, dress simple just like this Fashionista. To dress it up, pair it with a tailored coat and heels for a girl’s night out and you’re set.