ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let It Catch Their Eye

January 30th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let It Catch Their Eye

Whilst home for the holidays in Marin County, CA, I haven’t made it out of the house much. Cuddling in my cozy bed with a cup of tea and my kitten has made up the majority of my actions since the end of the semester. Though one morning after Christmas, I mustered up enough energy to get brunch with some friends from high school. Walking along the suburban streets, I saw a Fashionista who looked dreadfully out of place in this basic, cookie cutter town. Maybe it was the copious amounts of coffee I had been chugging or the food coma setting in from my eggs benedict, but this woman looked like she had come straight out of a Zara look book.

As her luscious brunette locks blew through the wind, I admired her outfit from across the street. I noticed every detail of her look, from her classic black, Ray-Ban wayfarers, to her high-waisted black leather belt with silver accents. Even her perfume caught my attention when I was snapping a picture of her! The ease she pulled off this look with is something I believe many women aspire to do. It’s as if she didn’t need to think twice about putting the pieces of her outfit together, she just casually threw them on.

The tiny details of her outfit were what made it all come together so beautifully. She was wearing gorgeous saltwater pearls, (what I learned to be) vintage rings that once belonged to her grandmother, and a neckerchief along the handle of her tote. These simple accessories caught the eye of passersby more than any other part of her outfit. Small details can change a great deal in an outfit because it shows how much effort you put into your look for the day. Anyone can throw on a pair of black jeans and a T-shirt, but think about how the outfit would change by adding a detailed belt, some vintage jewelry, and black shades. Why be subpar when you can inspire those around you to put a bit more effort into their appearance? Those little details take an outfit from simple and uninteresting, to mod and alluring. You know what they say… a little goes a long way.