ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leopard Print Rocks!

It’s summer in Rio. Colors are all around, and it’s seems like a rainbow. The streets are pretty colorful and lively! I personally like colors a lot, but still prefer clothes for cold weather. It looks chic and more elegant. But, nowadays the fashion-mind has changed. You can use yellow in winter, or black in spring. Things are easier and much more eclectic than before. Today, I went for it; the versatility of some trends which never go out of style.

This Fashionista shows us exactly what I meant by trends which never go out of style. The leopard print has been seen everywhere in the fashion world. It doesn’t matter which season,  weather or place. It’s already part of the Universe of fashion. Her attire could easily be classified by winter apparel in Rio. Especially because of colors where black is prominent. But the white T-shirt adds lightness to the look and brings it a little more to a summer mood.

There are lots of options in the fashion world. Some people prefer something discreet, while others prefer something a bit more fancy. It depends on your taste and mood. I personally love this trend, and I have it in many kinds of clothes on my wardrobe!

How To: Don’t be afraid of mix leopard print to any clothing! It can be on your jacket, pants or even on your shoes! It matches everything if you know how to combine. The secret is always paying attention to what you wear as to not over-do it. Leopard print is already a strong detail!