With winter in full blast, wearing dresses can be a daring and chilly decision. Although tights are always a fashionable option to keep the chill off, when temperatures are plummeting into the negatives, something less sheer and a little heavier is a more favorable option. Many people shy away from wearing leggings with a dress. The statement is viewed as a fashion faux pas, but when accessorized properly, no one will even bat an eye at the ensemble.

This Fashionista kept her legs from freezing with a pair of black leggings. While most people shy away from this type of statement, she accessorized her outfit and owned the look. She sported over-the-knee boots, which blended seamlessly into her leggings, making her legs appear significantly longer. The boots also have a tad of a wedged heel to them, which gives her a couple inch boost.

Her dress is a bright and bold cobalt blue, creating a drastic contrast to her leggings and boots. Even though her dress has a bit of a built-in natural waist, she added a black belt to tie the bottom half of her outfit into the top. The silver embellishment on the belt spices up her solid colored dress, almost eliminating the need to accessorize the dress any further. The silver also catches the eye and draws it in to her little waist, which the belt perfectly extenuates.

While her coat may not be the primary focus of her outfit, can we all just admire how perfectly it flows with her outfit? Her coat is the perfect length, hitting just below her dress. She avoided the awkward “is that a dress or skirt” look that a waist-length coat would promote. Also, the color is not distracting from her overall outfit, nor does it add the solid monochromatic scheme that a solid black coat would.

How To: Walking from class to class across campus gets cold. Don’t freeze your legs because you are scared of the legging look. When wearing a dress, feel free to throw on a pair of leggings so you don’t freeze between classes. Pair the outfit with a pair of high boots, and people will not even notice.