Texture can be a crucial part to any outfit. Suede and leather are two textures that can be found in any outfit that I’ve wearing this season. If it’s versatile to mix with the pieces that are already hanging in my closet and also unique, I’m sold! One of the more popular textures this season has been leather. It has been seen on everything from shirts and sneakers to accessories such as backpacks and headbands.

When I came across this Fashionisto showing off the perfect touch of leather, I had to stop. Incorporating more than two pieces of leather into any outfit can be overwhelming. Lucky, this Fashionisto kept it simple with his touches of leather. His leather sneakers complement his black jeans and crewneck pullover sweatshirt by creating a different texture. The MVMT watch he is sporting keeps within the leather theme with the all-black leather band. The all-black outfit with touches of leather sticks to a minimalistic feel with a twist.

Guys cannot go wrong with a traditional black jean. They are flattering and will convince any Fashionista that they have a sense of style. A tailored sneaker is one of my favorite men’s footwear. A structured, clean sneaker is simple and versatile that can be worn both to class and out on the town.

I will always be a fan of a little leather detail in an outfit. It’s always important to remember to play with texture in an outfit. A change in texture whether it be fur, suede or leather can take your outfit to another level of slay. So next time you’re shopping, don’t be scared to purchase that leather dress and wear it proud.

How To: For those ready welcome leather into their life, try a leather motto jacket and get ready to impress.