ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Sneakers

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Sneakers

One of the biggest trends right now is the dressed-up sneaker. They may have been your best friend back in the day when you were playing outside or accompanied you to your workout (when you finally decided to stop the Friends marathon and hit the gym), and now they have been transformed into a stylish accessory. There is nothing better than when chic meets comfort, and that is the perfect phrase to describe this entire look.

There’s nothing more tempting than wearing Nike workout gear to class everyday, but I think this might be an even more comfortable alternative. The T-shirt is a perfect piece to swap out instead of a sweatshirt every now and then. Who doesn’t love an outfit that looks put together but that you can still nap in?

The leather sneakers perfectly tie this look together. Between the olive green of the scarf and the edgy sneakers, it really is all in the details of this look. Not only is this outfit wonderful for fall, but it’s the perfect going-to-class ensemble.

This Fashionista completed her look with an adorable Tory Burch bag with a chain strap and a stack of bracelets (both of which you can never go wrong with). She is the epitome of effortless and will still feel good in her outfit after a full day of classes.

How To: You can pair leather sneakers with any look in order to add an edgy twist to any basic outfit. Keep the colors neutral, don’t forget to accessorize with a scarf and you’ll be rocking everyone on your campus’ socks.