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Anyone else freaked out that it is already November? Time has been flying by this semester, although it’s somewhat difficult to tell with this awesome weather. Lately in NYC, it has been 65 (give or take) and sunny. The quote from Miss Congeniality, “Not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket,” comes to mind.

This Fashionista is sticking to just that guideline with a perfect mix of hot and cool for the fall season. As I have preached time and time again, black is the sole color of many New Yorkers’ wardrobes. This Fashionista spices up her dark ensemble with a bold printed sleeve. Her bomber-type sports jacket complements her fading tan (that’s what bronzer is for) and distinguishes her from the rest of the people on the street.

The jacket caught my attention, but the accessories made me stay. With winter fast approaching, it is time to bulk up on your leather! I have been non-stop searching for the right leather booties and over-the-knee boots, but it has been tough. This Fashionista chose her shoes brilliantly; they are up to the ankle for support while walking, have a small heel, (making them event-versatile) and they have a lace-up finish for easy dress. Pairing them with a skinny jean elongates your leg, all while keeping you safe from nature’s harshest elements.

Next up is her killer Tom Ford backpack. One of my first articles was on the backpack craze, but this Fashionista took it to a whole new level. The structure of the bag allows for easy carrying, whether you decide to one strap or two strap it. The gold detailing gives the black leather a special pop, making it stand out while still sticking to the minimalist aesthetic. For a finishing touch, mix in some gold jewelry, black stones and diamonds. Your result is a sporty biker-chic look that’s perfect for any day or night activity.

How To: First, grab some comfy yet super flattering skinny jeans. Then find a sporty jacket with a fun bold print. Lastly, accessorize—booties, backpack and jewelry. Now go out and strut your stuff!