ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Upon Layers

Layering clothing isn’t exactly the trend one wants to model this summer. However, layering jewelry should be! I have recently fallen in love with layering of all and every types of jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, a watch and even rings; it’s a fun way to get wear out of all your jewelry in your wardrobe.

I spotted this Fashionista modeling this new trend. She layered multiple, dainty gold necklaces, stacked on a bunch of different bracelets and finished the look off with a ton of rings on both hands. She rocked the stacked/layered jewelry. As for her rings, they were a mix of midi and regular rings. She also played around with a mixture of gold and silver; I always do this and urge others to do the same! It’s okay to mix because not everything you wear has to match from head to toe.

For the most part, this Fashionista’s outfit was basic, which is why she could have as many layers and stacks as she does. If she were wearing a crazy print or bold outfit, the layers would be too much. However, when the necklaces are dainty, it helps to calm the craziness.

How To: Have you always been afraid to stack on jewelry? Or mix metals? Well, this summer is your time to experiment. Find a basic, yet chic outfit. Then, layer dainty necklaces of different lengths. A lot of times, you can buy one necklace that already has multiple layers. Lastly, stack on some bracelets, throw on some rings and you are set! Don’t worry about the color of the metals; do whatever works for you!