ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Upon Layers

January 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

Let’s talk layers! The first rule of wearing layers is to remember that every layer is important. Since layers can be added and taken away, it is important to make sure that every layer flows and will remain stylish, even after some articles are removed. The important element to remember when trying to figure out what layers you want to wear is to remember to stay warm and comfortable!

This Fashionisto has mastered the art of staying warm and stylish! To start, our Fashionisto wears a simple gray T-shirt for comfort and to stay cool when it’s warm indoors. An important element to remember when layering is color. On these dark and brisk days, bringing a bright element to your outfit will really help you stand out and make your outfit more vibrant. This Fashionisto wears a bright orange sweater over his T-shirt, which gives his outfit a bold statement and makes it more exciting to look at. Topping this ensemble with a layered topcoat keeps him warm and adds sophistication to his look. Tying the look together with a pair of jeans and simple brown boots helps give it some style and ease.

How To: Here are some tips on how to rock that amazing layered look. To start, wearing a plain white T-shirt as the bottom layer will help give you an extra layer of simple and comfortable look. Having a bold sweater under a layered jacket really helps make your outfit stand out. Although the layered jacket is a plus, wearing a simple black or brown topcoat will do the trick! Pairing the outfit with a simple pair of brown or black boots really helps tie the entire look together.