ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers on Layers

April 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Bucknell is notorious for its long, drawn-out winters. However, this year, Mother Nature let spring come early. With this back and forth weather, it is almost impossible to tell what next week will bring either rain or shine. The simplest and chicest solution to the ambiguous weather of early spring is layering.

This Fashionista implemented layering in both her clothing and accessories. Her Lucky Brand jacket is structured in silhouette and print. However, if you would rather opt for a more laid back alternative, Lucky Brand has a comfy belted jacket fit for any Fashionista. Conversely, if you want to dress this ensemble up, then a simple, structured blazer can achieve just that. Although this type of layering is important for the transition into spring, this Fashionista’s layering of necklaces is eye-catching.

She bravely paired a variety of chain lengths, materials, and styles. Her daring layering creates an effect that is truly unique and fashionable. Don’t be afraid to double up on the statement pendants. This Fashionista paired her House of Harlow 1969 mini sunburst pendant necklace with a long-chained raw quartz necklace from Betty’s Boutique and a handmade choker with opal and pearl beads from Summer Love Designs. This opal choker achieves the same look, it’s just from a different store. Overall, the unique necklaces create a unity between the distinct garments by tying in the different styles at play. This Fashionista truly mastered the art of layering.

How To: Mixing metals can be a chic way to add your own personal touch on an outfit. Layering chains of different thicknesses can also have this effect. If you want to be extra chic, try doing both! You can always add or take away a necklace hassle free, so don’t be afraid to see what combinations work for you and your outfit.