ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Of Sparkle And Grunge

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Of Sparkle And Grunge

The weather in Florida, for the most part, is always beautiful. On an average day the high is 90 degrees, the sun is shining and there is happiness in the air. But then this thing happens. We call this thing winter. Winter is awful for Floridians. As we try to defrost our frozen toes, we scramble to find things in our closets that will keep us warm during the frigid temperature changes.

Since these cold spurts last for only a small fraction of the year, it is impractical to buy an entirely new wardrobe. An easy way to avoid breaking the bank is by layering. Layering during the winter months is vital to not only staying warm, but for utilizing your existing wardrobe. One way to master the art of layering is by building your outfit piece by piece, starting from the base and working your way outward.

This Fashionista started her outfit with a basic T-shirt. The pop of detail on her shirt pocket adds character to the solid T-shirt. A subtle touch of sparkle like this creates the perfect combination of girly and grunge. Finding a way to incorporate bling into your layered look gives a nice feminine touch.

She added a neutral flannel as the second layer of her outfit. Flannels are quickly becoming a wardrobe necessity because of their versatility. They can be worn throughout every season whether with shorts and a tank top or wrapped at the waist with a flirty dress. This Fashionista wore her flannel unbuttoned, which helped show off the sparkle on her shirt.

For the finishing touches, she threw on a heavy jacket, some combat boots and a funky beanie. Have no fear of winter with these simple steps!

How To: Don’t have a shirt in your closet with bling? Put your own bling on any plain T-shirt in your wardrobe! This simple DIY is a quick fix for adding a little sparkle to your outfit.