ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Are In The Air

As the air gets crisp and the leaves change to red, there’s only one thing on our minds: layers. Fall weather is confusing. It can be 70 degrees and sunny outside or 40 degrees and raining. The only way to dress for puzzling fall weather is to layer your sweaters, shirts, jackets and accessories. If it’s too cold for that tank dress you wore all summer, throw on a loose V-neck sweater and a pair of tights. Are you too hot after you hustle over to your overheated classroom? Ditch the sweater and tie it around your waist. Fall is a great time to experiment with layering your jewelry too. Pile on the necklaces and bring on the bangles. The best thing about layers is that they are versatile, and you can’t mess them up.

This Fashionista loves layering in the fall and rightfully so! Her layered necklaces pop against her neutral sweater and skirt. When choosing a sweater to layer over a tank top or bodysuit, this Fashionista opts for deep V-necks and adds chunky necklaces that stand out with a deep neckline. Her two bold necklaces look great by themselves, but when layered together, the look is unstoppable.

She completes her look by piling on the bangles, rings and even a floppy black hair bow for the finishing touch on her layered look. If she’s layering shirts and accessories over a short skirt or dress, she chooses to add a pair of over-the-knee black boots. Over-the-knee boots and layered necklaces are two ways to grab anyone’s attention.

How To: Not ready to fully commit to the layering trend yet? Keep it simple and start with layering just one jewelry item at a time. Wear a chunky statement necklace and a simple long chain one day and slide on a variety of silver and gold bangles the next!