ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layered in Leather

December 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The weather is finally transitioning from fall to winter, and chilling winds call for layering up more than just a cozy sweater. The snow has yet to fall, and fashion lovers still have time to rock their favorite styles. Although the weather may be fluctuating, the fashion trends are constantly surfacing around campus.

In the midst of finals, I caught this Fashionista taking a break to explore downtown. She looked ultra chic as she strolled around in black leather. Now, wearing leather may not be everyones cup of tea, but definitely don’t knock it until you try it. Most people love to wear black. I mean who doesn’t? It makes everyone look good. A touch of black leather adds texture to the already flattering color.

This Fashionista wore a black leather skirtwhite crop top, layered with a black cardigan that had leather lining to match her skirt. To finish off her look she paired this all with over-the-knee black suede boots. These have easily become a wardrobe must have this season. They add a little flair to anything from dresses, jeans, skirts and more. This Fashionista also kept it very classy with the black and white theme while adding subtle touches of gold jewelry.

From the leather texture to the suede boots, this Fashionista knew exactly how to work the last week of the semester. Despite the chaotic stressful environment finals bring, she looked ready to strut the runway.

How To: Not all people feel comfortable wearing leather, but I say if it’s black, it can’t hurt to try it. The leather texture can even give an illusion of an expensive item. So give it a try and keep the outfits color scheme simple for it to really stand out.