ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layer Up...With Accessories!

What makes a Fashionista happier than new clothing? Summer, of course! The increasing temperature means that everyone wants to trade in their layers of sweaters and jackets for a new type of layers, accessories. These decorative accents can not only finish off the perfect look, but completely enhance it as well.

Both simple and elaborate outfits can be enhanced by layered accessories. You know that white romper sitting in your closet? Add a red statement necklace and matching heels and boom! You’re instantly ready for a night out. Or if maxi dresses are more your style, add some long chain necklaces and loose bracelets to create the perfect bohemian vibe. Vivid colors can add an exciting statement to a simple outfit, while plain jewelry can add an elegant touch to an outfit that is more exciting. Layering accessories is a fantastic way to express your personal style without overdoing an ensemble.

The great thing about layering with accessories is that you can make almost anything go together. No matter what the colors are or the style of the item, there are ways to make them work together. However, when layering jewelry it is important to remember to not add too much to one area. If you have on a lot of bracelets, try wearing only one or two rings. Or if you have on a statement necklace, trade in your chandelier earrings for a pair of basic studs. Where you trade in a piece of jewelry, you can add in a purse or a great pair of shoes!

This Fashionista loves to add accessories to create a more sophisticated vibe to her outfits. It is the perfect way for her to dress up a comfy yet cute ensemble. She can always rely on layered jewelry or fantastic shoes to add some flair when she wants to hang out with the girls or wants to be trendy at work!

From a body chain and bracelets at the beach to a statement necklace and matching purse for a night out, layering accessories is the perfect way to elevate an outfit no matter the occasion.

How To: It is very easy to choose accessories to layer together. The key is looking for the right area to put them. If you’re wearing a garment with a high neckline, try layering bangles and rings so there isn’t too much attention around your neck. But if you’re wearing a strapless sundress, try layering shorter necklaces (chain length 20″ inches or less) to break up the space between your neck and the top of the dress. Simple bracelets and fun sandals can be added as well to finish the look.