ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layer Up To Level Up

Going abroad? I suggest you pack light, only because any student whose taken up temporary residence in Europe will most likely admit to a similar crisis upon coming home. The suitcase you came with seems to have shrunk! That new pair of booties, those two new coats? They all seemed too hard to resist in the streets of an Italian city, but when your suitcase refuses to budge to accommodate your new pieces, there is really only one solution–layer up!

This method of multi-material and piece layering is modeled in the streets of several European cities, by college-aged students. The reasoning is simple. The brisk, blue sky that you saw through your floor-to-ceiling Italian dorm window is successful in masking the crisp sting of November Italian air. Layers are a survival necessity, and the added look of polished, upscale couture is one of their benefits. This look can easily follow you home and allows the opportunity to be adopted in the States.

This Fashionista successfully adapted to the European norm of layering during her term abroad. Her dark, wool peacoat, both practical and nicely tailored, elongates her frame, making the length of her legs stretch for days, until they meet her Italian leather booties. She adds a playful pop to her outfit with the addition of sheer black tights, featuring polka-dots and a faux thigh-high detail. Lastly, her pressed, knit sweater offers a comfy layer of insulation on top of a simple, black dress. An optional note: depending on how sunny the weather might be, add a pair of dark, tinted glasses. This Fashionista chose a slightly horn-rimmed pair with thin gold temples to enhance the delicate, refined nature of a look still composed of dark tones.

When you grab a cappuccino at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop between classes, you may want to consider asking for an extra chair for all of your layers. However, it’s a sure-fire guarantee that once that cold, dry air hits your rosy cheeks, you won’t regret layering up your pieces for this chic travel look, whether you’re traveling near or far. Illustrate this look on a weekday stroll in the cobblestone streets of a foreign city, in an airport awaiting your next departure to a new country for the weekend, or walking to today’s lecture on your university campus.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is easily duplicated by following the weather cues of this winter season. Use the colder days as an opportunity to experiment with different dimensions of clothing and pile on as many layers as possible. Try layering lighter items like dresses or button-downs under thick coats or chunky sweaters. When your outfit seems complete, add a scarf to add one extra layer detail that’s easy to remove indoors.