Often, it is difficult for us to make that transition from fall to winter, since fall carries so many key accessories that we grow an attachment to. From scarfs, to beanies and lightweight sweaters, the possibilities for looking so fall are endless. It is only when we feel that first cold burst that we wonder how in the world we can keep our style on fleek under all of those bulky layers.

This Fashionisto had no problem showing us how it was done. He wore a pink, checkered, dress shirt to complement the straight leg chinos. The subtle pop of color added the details needed to transform his look from blah to bliss. The gray overcoat adds sophistication to his ensemble. The coat is perfect to wear on days with brisk morning commutes to campus or internships. He chose to leave it open to expose the outfit.  The black combat boots are essential for any Fashionisto’s wardrobe this season. Notice the straight leg fit chinos are perfect to fit over the boots. The chinos are also able to be tucked in if desired.

How To: By rocking layers like this, you are bound to remain your trendy self while still staying warm. It is all about comfort, so wearing a cashmere sweater over a soft button-up will do the trick for any kind of event your day may throw at you. As for khakis, it’s best to complete this look with a slim fit to enable a snug tuck into the boots, which you’ll need for the cold season.