Strangely enough, the Midwest has not had a polar vortex winter like the ones we are used to. The warmer weather and sunnier skies have shaken up our usual winter wear. We may have shed our parkas and winter snow boots, but we still need to layer up. This Fashionista demonstrates a classic way to add levels of color, texture and balance to an everyday look.

A collared shirt is functional in many ways. For the winter, layering it under a sweater can create a sophisticated and tailored, but equally effortless look. Our Fashionista’s outfit focuses a lot on neutrals. She juxtaposes the warm tones in her sweater and trendy colored olive jacket, with the coolness of the chambray collar. The neutral fur detail harmonizes with similar tones found in her sweater to balance the look. An anorak jacket, like this one, is a great example of a fall piece being recycled for winter fashion. There is no reason that all of your clothes have to be seasonal!

This Fashionista keeps her style simple. However, not only do trendy details come into play in her clothes, but she also incorporates the layered look into her accessories. A pair of high socks “RADs” up the classic riding boot and legging combo, plus keeps you extra warm! Boot socks are a practical way to change up an outfit.

How To: When layering, the majority of your pieces should be similar tones in order to keep your looked balanced. Neutrals are great, but choosing a bright or neon colored blouse, to go under a sweater, can jazz up a look too. Don’t be afraid to layer your accessories: jewelry, socks and winter wear are all great for adding different elements to your outfit!