It gets really cold when the wind is blowing here on Rocky Top, but when it isn’t windy, the cold is bearable. With that being the case, when the afternoons seem to feel warmer, a Fashionista or Fashionisto can get away with wearing fewer clothes while still keeping up with winter trends. They key to doing this is layers. By layering, you can take clothes off if you get warm or you can put more on if you get cold. The hardest part about the layered look is not looking like you gained 15 pounds.

This Fashionista looks wonderful. She uses just the right amount of layers to where she does not look bulky at all. She keeps her base layer of clothes and her boots black, an easy color to work with. She adds a pop of red underneath her crisp white jacket to give the outfit a twist.

The red of her lips and her cardigan pull her whole outfit together, and the neutral scarf color works with the jacket to create a polished finish to her look. This Fashionista has no trouble staying warm in this weather, and she looks great doing it. Layering is not an easy task, but once you figure out what works best for you while staying warm at the same time, you will be layering all the time.

How To: Still can’t figure out how to layer without gaining 15 pounds? Don’t fret. You can do one of two (probably multiple) things. First, start by laying thin pieces on top of one another, add a scarf and jacket and you’re ready. The other layering trick you can try is to use two really warm pieces, like a sweater and a jacket. Experiment and see what you like best. It’s your style!