ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layer The Pattern

April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

For those who have lived in or been to Indiana, you would know the weather is the one thing you can never count on. It could be in the high 70’s one day and low 30’s the next. Because of this, it makes hard to pick out an appropriate outfit on a daily basis. It could be freezing in the morning while burning hot in the afternoon. This is why my best friend is layering. Layering is the best technique to use when it comes to weather you can’t predict.

This Fashionista does a great illustration of layering while playing with prints. This is a great outfit for a cool, spring day. She pairs a lightweight, pumpkin orange patterned dress with light opaque tights to give her outfit a subtle tone. The pumpkin orange is a great color for the transition from winter to spring, because it’s not a super bright, loud color. While the tights give it a nice, classy touch to the dress, it works as a layering item to keep the Fashionista warm. On top of these, she pairs a navy peacoat to complement the dress. The navy and orange blend well together as it presents an appealing sneak peek to the spring season. The peacoat touches up the dainty dress with touches of chicness and classiness.

Along with the layering, the Fashionista pairs a plum purple, pleather, crochet cross-body purse to complete her outfit. Although there are multiple colors in her layering, they all work greatly with one another because of the darker hues she picked out. The purse has intricate details while the dress has small fish prints. The plain peacoat and tights work well with the prints to tone down the two more complex items. This chic and girly ensemble gives her a great look to style for a weather that is unpredictable. It keeps her warm and cool on a day when the temperature changes frequently. These items are perfect to layer with each other during this spring transition. The Fashionista totally did it right!

How To: Don’t know what to wear during bi-polar weather? Pick out a lightweight statement dress and layer it with a plain warm jacket. Then, put on a pair of tights and a darker tone purse to complete the look.