That’s it, my dear Midwestern Fashionistas—our uncharacteristically mild fall is reaching its end. Gone are the days of bare legs and light sweaters. On the bright side, while we lose the warmer weather, we gain a whole new set of fashion possibilities. Thick sweaters, blanket scarves, beanies and Bean boots are back. I, personally, could not be happier. There is also something to be said for a well-layered ensemble, which is a trend I have begun to take notice of. As I walk around campus, I cannot help but have some mad appreciation for the strategic and stylish layering that some students put together.

I spotted this Fashionista walking down Library Mall, wearing the most casually chic, layered outfit. On top, she wears a black patterned dress under an army green jacket. To keep her legs toasty warm in the slowly dropping temperatures, she perfectly layered a pair of black tights, tall maroon socks and black combat boots. The tights + socks + boots combination is a winning one for so many reasons. It allows your legs to stay warm, adds some color and interest to an outfit and keeps your pale winter legs from blinding everyone (well, mine at least).

How To: Want to create the most perfect tights + boots + socks combination for yourself? Mix and match, blending neutral and more colorful tones. Check out this lovely pair of tall socks from Free People. Pair them with these dark navy tights from J.Crew and a pair of Steve Madden combat boots, and you are so ready to take on the cold weather in style.