ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lavish Leather

April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

When I think of leather, a few words come to mind: grunge, edgy, black. I imagine a girl on the back of a Harley, her arms wrapped around her bad-boy boyfriend. I picture Sandy and Danny singing “You’re the One That I Want”another bad boy, this one on the big screen. Overall, I never thought that leather could be sleek or dressy. That is, until now.

This Fashionista, instead of donning a typical black leather jacket, opted for a brown, quilted one. Paired with an otherwise completely black ensemble, a kate spade bag and a cream-colored scarf, she’s ready for any type of occasion. The brown leather makes all the difference in this outfit; it is unexpected and more exciting than the usual black.

It’s possible to find leather in every possible color if you look hard enough. A red faux leather jacket is even more edgy than a black one. A pink cross-body bag is girly and fun. These perforated blue pumps from Guess are completely unique.

While it may seem that the only kind of leather that exists is black, that is obviously not the case! A brown jacket like this Fashionista’s will make you look dressy, while a neon color will make any outfit pop. Whatever you want your look to be, whether it’s classy or punk, you can find a way to add some leather into your final outfit.

How To: While this look was snapped while the weather was still a bit cool, you can still incorporate leather into your spring wardrobe by searching for pastel hues. Try a yellow leather flat with floral detailing or splurge on a pretty purple satchel to welcome back the sun!