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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lavender Touch

While states like Florida, Hawaii and California get to bask in the warmth of their winter sun, schools in the valley and northern states have to endure one of their coldest months. Fortunately, on some days, temperatures in the valleys reach the low-50’s, and we are able to leave our heavy parkas at home and put on some lighter layers.

This Fashionista caught my eye on what happened to be the warmest day of the week. While trench coats have been worn by many this winter, seeing them in colors other than black or camel happens on rare occasions. Spotting this outfit while on campus was a pleasant surprise not only because of the lavender coat, but also because of how well this Fashionista put the whole look together.

This coat’s color already makes enough of a statement, but what gives it an more unique look is the fur collar. Fur has been a big trend this season, and it helps elevate the sophistication of any outfit with ease.

The details that stand out the most about this outfit are the pieces that repeat the lavender color. Worn underneath the coat, this Fashionista opted for a flower-print top. The small-scale and repetitive flowers may not immediately catch the eye, but they create a complementary background. The scarf helps to tie together the lavender look, not only by repeating the color, but also by muting the print of the top. This is what causes the flowers to serve as the base of the outfit. Lastly, because of the strong focus on the top half of the outfit, styling the bottom half of the look with simple blue jeans and black booties was a smart choice because they preserve the harmony of the look.

How To: Next time you want to give your winter wardrobe a playful spin, pick up a colorful trench coat, and complement it with warm accessories and layers that match the color palette.