I don’t know if it’s just me, but one of my latest obsessions for the past few months have been lace ups. I’ve been scouring all of New York to find the perfect lace ups and block wedges, but I’ve only found awesome pairs on people whose feet I’ve passed! This Fashionista’s high-top variation combines both my latest shoe obsessions into one!

How could I be so shocked? Passing by FIT’s campus any afternoon is like a breath of fresh air (though that is completely ironic amidst the day-to-day city fumes). The Fashionista’s outfit was definitely my fave of the day. It had been overcast for the past few hours and that pop of red and her “not so Converses” just captivated my attention.

First off, this Fashionista is totally rocking it with her lightweight parka raincoat. The orange lining pops out against her skin! In addition, her cut-out boyfriend jeans give great laid back punk vibes to her ensemble. Next, her bold text backpack adds just the coolest urban touch to her look as well as added utility for these tough unpredictable weather days. Lastly, she tops it off with the coolest high-top, lace-up platform wedges!

Indeed. I will just scour the city for the second time to search for similar shoes. Wish me luck!

How To: Check out these RAD lace up heels from Jeffrey Campbell + Free People. Also, if you are experiencing some frequent showers go ahead and check out Adidas by Stella McCartney (where this Fashionista’s raincoat is from)! Might I just say, from Kanye to Rita Ora, I am entirely impressed with all the Adidas collaborations this year!