ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace Up, Ladies!

This post is dedicated to all my northern Fashionistas/os—looking stylish in sub-zero temperatures is far from easy and nothing looks as good as warm feels! Luckily, bulky winter boots by brands like Sorel and Timberland are finally making practical footwear trendy.

Functional winter boots are a must-have on northern college campuses; trekking to class through snow, ice and sludge in ballet flats or canvas sneakers is not something your feet or those shoes were made for. Also, boots are a great accent piece for skinny jeans or leggings and since they are available in a variety of neutral colors they are easy to match with any casual outfit.

Today’s Fashionista, wears a pair of ankle high boots that were actually purchased from a thrift store for $4.99. High quality snow boots, however, are normally worth the splurge; they last for years and the durability cannot be faked with cheaper products.

In this look, the boots are matched with a vintage-style jacket from Urban Outfitters and accent to a classic and casual winter outfit. In the photograph, her jeans are cuffed at the ankle, but this type of boot could easily be worn with exposed socks or with the jeans tucked in.

While this Fashionista’s boots are very short, this style comes in a variety of heights, including above the ankle and mid-calf. Students can also opt for black, gray or more colorful options. You can decide if you want the boots to be a simple accent to an outfit or the focal point.

How To: Put on your favorite skinny jeans and sweater, grab your warmest socks and give these bulky boots a try. You can also wear them with leggings and show off the top of your socks. They pair great with chunky winter clothes, but I would not advise wearing them with dainty accessories or jewelry. Swap out your blazer for a warm cardigan or flannel and skip earrings in lieu of a cute headband.