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ALL IN THE DETAILS: La Vie de Bohème

March 3rd, 2016 at 2:07am

Here in Kentucky, we are all beginning to question if Punxsutawney Phil really did see his shadow on February 2 considering the snow and the temperature keep falling down. Because of the frigid temperatures, we’ve all found ourselves drowning under layers upon layers of wool and fur (faux of course). It’s certainly difficult to achieve that effortless bohemian look under all those layers.

This Fashionista, on the other hand, has embraced the layers to create a comfortable yet urban bohemian fit to get her across campus. Layering a soft, warm and functional flannel with some distressed jeans and a casual yet comfy T-shirt will be sure to keep her warm all day long. This layering is also great because it will keep you toasty outside, but once you’re in the sweltering library heat you can easily remove layers for comfort.

However, what really caught my eye with this Fashionista’s outfit were her multiple piercings and earrings. Although there are plenty, she worked together each individual piercing to create a fluid and even look throughout the whole look. Although all of her piercings are real, there are easy ways to cop out of the commitment and cost of a real piercing with accessories such as ear cuffs or fake nose rings.

No matter what your commitment or confidence level is to a piercing, make sure you are always confidently sporting your fit, because a confident smile is continually your best accessory.

How To: To imitate this bohemian look in an outfit, first go for some layers that will cooperate comfortably, while also providing your body some heat for the frigid temperatures. The secret to your accessories is to incorporate one fluid look that will complement your outfit. Whether you have just one piercing or 20, it’s important to tie all of them together with a certain color, texture or aesthetic. Earring packs with plenty of options are a great place to start experimenting with different looks and styles.