May 12th, 2015 at 2:10am

Ahhh, final exams. They’re here, and they’re stressing us all out. Don’t worry, we can all go to a group yoga session later, but for now, giving yourself a relaxed state of mind can help ease the stress of finals, presentations and graduation. An easy way to trick yourself into calming down: wearing a kimono. You can’t be stressed while wearing a kimono.

This Fashionista wore a kimono as an outer layer to her gorgeous red dress. The kimono dressed it down a little, but it still gave her look a cool, comfortable feeling. Luckily, the color scheme went together perfectly, and the kimono complemented the red dress perfectly. She added brown suede booties to complete the look and bright red lipstick to match her dress.

This Fashionista styled her kimono in an unconventional manner. Instead of just wearing it draped over her shoulders, she knotted it to create a shawl around her shoulders, leaving room to show off the rest of the dress. Since the outfit is bright and cheerful on its own, this Fashionista kept her accessories very minimal, wearing only a headband to keep her hair pulled back.

Kimonos are an easy way to spice up any look and create an easy, cool vibe to go with it. They aren’t scientifically proven to chill you out, but to me, wearing a kimono is about as chill as you can get. This Fashionista knows how to wear a kimono; it’s all in the details.

How To: Found a “kool” kimono, but you’re not sure what to wear it with? Well, let me help you: anything. Kimonos can be worn with a crop top and shorts combination, a T-shirt and jeans combination and—the easiest choice—a cute dress like this Fashionista’s. Remember, kimonos are relaxing, so just make sure you feel cool in the outfit and you’ll be good to go.