June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

With the passing of finals and the start of the summer break, many of us find ourselves wanting to do a little household tidying. Do you have a closet filled with items you no longer use? If you’re like me, it may include things like a box of faded T-shirts, several nice bags that just aren’t fashion anymore and a few off-beat accessories rescued from different stores and shopping malls. In a college girl’s closet, there are thousands of possibilities including hats, scarves, jewelries, belts and so on. Before you pull out those garbage bags, take peek at all of the things that you can do with your long-lost treasures. All it takes is a little inspiration to turn these seemingly useless objects into exciting pieces of creativity.

This Fashionista’s inspiration is to make use of a hand-printed silk Hermès scarf as a little bag-handle decoration. The ways to wear a scarf are always limitless. This fashion enthusiast told me her little secret for decorating a handbag. First, knot your scarf at the base of your bag, leaving a small tail facing out. Second, wrap the flat around the handle, each time overlapping the previous layer. Third, when you reach the other handle’s base, pass the tail through the last wrap and pull tight.

Three simple steps make a big difference. The pink, yellow and blue colors of the scarf add a hint of allure to a normal bag, which tends to grab attention. Meanwhile, bright colors are always a perfect choice in summer. To match the cute summer style, the Fashionista wears a black and white check jumpsuit and pairs it with handsome black stockings. A pair of Stella McCartney black patent Elyse shoes are also an essential fashion item for petite girls.

How To: Did you get bored with a single-tone color bag? Add some accessories in your own way. Printed fabrics, T-shirts and head wraps can be alternatives for scarves.