ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knock Your Socks Off

Yeah, he is probably just a normal guy, walking around in some jeans. He has a goofy grin after talking to his friends about his night, so nothing really sets him apart. But then you see them. Those two glorious pieces of fabric that turn a standard daily look into a “holy cow, that man has his priorities straight.” I am talking about his socks, my friends. For those men out there who are not willing to take that baby step outside of their comfort zone to prove that they like to party, disregard this article. Read some other Style Guru’s article about how a leather jacket is totally rad, or you can stick to this article and learn the hard facts of life. I am here to preach about what no one will ever admit to you. Socks are super cool.

Now the greatest thing about magnificent socks are the elements of surprise, meaning pants. It isn’t as exciting to see someone with cool socks from a mile away. No, it is much better to think you are sitting down with a normal college man when BAM. His pants ride up a tad and you see the bottom of his socks. Conversation starter? Obviously.

The whole simple tone of his outfit, being black and gray consistently, is the look you want to go with when you are pairing it with those snazzy socks. Yes, I am saying that the jeans, shirt, jacket, and shoes are the accessories of the outfit, and the socks are the main attraction. Sue me. I would like to take a quick moment to compliment his jacket, though, because he looks fly. Is it a sports jacket? Is it from Lululemon Athletica? Is he going on a jog or going to the Queen’s charity ball? We will never know, but it keeps with the tone of the mystery. And what is with his Converse? How long has he had them for? Has it been a few years or has it been a few weeks of taking them through the grossest parts of Tucson? The world may never know.

My point to this article is to get those socks. The ones with the sloths on it? Add to cart. The ones with chicken wings and bowling pins? Yes please. The ones with those watermelon slices on it? Yes, I am talking to the basic white girls out there. Be trendy, because watermelons are apparently trendy for some reason. It is a fruit! How is a fruit trendy? I will do my research and get back to you, Fashionistas.