ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knee-High or Go Home

If you’re like me, socks aren’t exactly your favorite garment. Yes they are necessary, but they go inside your shoe so nobody really sees them. You might as well buy some Plain Jane white or black socks and call it a day, right?

“But Paula, I’m no Plain Jane,” you’re probably telling me from the other side of your computer. Well my friends, the answer is knee-high socks. There are so many types, colors and shoes you can wear them with: boots/booties, sneakers, creepers or whatever your little hearts desire. AND, best part is, you don’t even have to wear pants (yes girls, I know, pants can get annoying). Leave it to these lovely babies to keep your legs nice and warm on a chilly fall afternoon. Just pair some knee-high socks with a skirt, a sweater dress or even shorts like this Fashionista brilliantly did.

She chose all the right things to wear on this breezy October day. Especially since the weather is so unpredictable lately. One day its snowing mid October and the next its summer and in the upper 70s; who knows what it’ll be tomorrow. This outfit is perfect for both the cold and the warm! She managed to combine pieces that will keep her warm but also give her a little breathing room—ya feel? She did this from her fuzzy white sweater to her patterned black shorts, all the way down to her adorable black booties. Minimalistic yet edgy, this outfit is definitely a head turner when walking around campus.

As always, I know what you may be thinking next, knee-high socks are intimidating or they look a little school girl-ish. First, no piece of clothing, accessory or make-up should be intimidating. You are fabulous enough to wear absolutely anything, so take risks! Isn’t that what life is about? Second, yes, school girls do wear knee-high socks (coming from a private school, I wasn’t the biggest fan of them at the beginning either), but no worries, there are so many ways you can wear them without looking like one! I mean just because I wear a baseball cap does not make me a baseball player—trust me, I’m the furthest thing from athletic.

How To: Make it your mission to go out this weekend and find a couple of pairs of knee-high socks to wear this season! Pair them with a loose turtleneck sweater, a mini skirt and some booties and I promise, heads will turn. Scared you’ll be cold? This can be easily fixed by wearing sheer tights underneath!