ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knee-High Necessity

April 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

In the fall, it’s all about strutting through crisp, brown leaves in some cute ankle booties; in the winter and spring, Fashionistas everywhere are striding down the street in knee-high boots! Maybe the reason why these boots are so popular around this time of the year is because the chillier weather. Regardless, knee-high boots are super versatile and trendy, able to transform an outfit from dull to dynamic!

These kinds of boots work with almost any outfit. Since in spring the temperature outside isn’t completely sundress weather on its own, adding a little bit more coverage keeps you warm, while also letting you show some skin by flaunting your cutest skirts and dresses. Similar to this Fashionista’s outfit, she paired her boots with some shorts and a jacket on top of a warm turtleneck. She’s comfortably cozy while being able to wear shorts and show some skin—creating a perfectly modest look while sporting a shorter hem.

How To: If it’s still too chilly to wear skirts or shorts, knee-high boots can still definitely be worn; they’re versatile enough where they would look amazing with any kind of outfit! Coming in a huge variety, Fashionista’s can rock a sleek black pair, go English with dark brown riding boots or have some fun with a glitzy pair of rain boots! If shorter hems are completely out of the question, you could pair these boots with jeans or leggings. If you’re the kind of girl that lives in dresses or skirts, add knee-high socks or tights with your boots and you’re good to go!