ALL IN THE DETAILS: Kissing Summer Goodbye

September in Chicago consists of asking yourself if it is hot enough to wear shorts and sandals, or if long pants and adding on a few layers is necessary. The weather, along with our looks, is slowly changing. This Fashionista nailed the perfect look for this summer day with a cool breeze!

There are so many details of her look, but none of them take away from the other! If I had to categorize her look it would be proportionally bohemian. This outfit is definitely something that Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen would be seen wearing! Starting with the Fashionista’s pomegranate colored skinny jeans. I absolutely love the color of these, especially as we shift into autumn; they are the perfect transitional piece that needs to be in every closet.

Since the weather is still warm, she paired her vibrant pants with a flowing canvas tank top. The neckline of her top is gorgeous! In the embroidered, almost Aztec, design you will find the pomegranate color again. The designer also added turquoise and dark blue, which clash against the warm colors nicely. Her tank top is then broken up into sections. A ruffle, which creates a nice flow, ends with a detailed lace trim that separates the last section from the rest of the top. Since the canvas material of the tank top is thin, she layered her top with a sequin detail bandeau. The sequins of this bandeau are so tiny and subtle that it does not take away from her tank top, but rather counts almost as an accessory to her look. The Fashionista then completes her look with a pair of summery, canvas Jack Rogers sandals.

How To: Make this look your own by pairing a warm colored pant with a flowing tank top and sandals, or wedges, to kiss the final days of summer goodbye and welcome in autumn.