ALL IN THE DETAILS: Kiss on the Chic

When it comes to piecing together versatile outfits, keeping it simple is key. Simple, however, means anything but basic, a word we Style Gurus dread being known for. Here, the word is chic – a term borrowed from the French word for stylish. Yet chicness is achievable without breaking budget or compromising comfort. This ensemble is the best triple threat – comfortable, wearable in a formal setting (like an interview), and campus casual. It also incorporates three essential pieces to one’s wardrobe – a plain white T-shirt (the scoop neckline is my favorite!), a tame blazer, and black flats.

Investing some time into finding a quality white T-shirt is well worth it; you don’t want material that either clings or is too see-through. Having this many essentials combined easily together makes for an outfit you can wear practically anywhere in the daytime. Toss on a pair of heels and a bold lip color, and you’re ready for a night out with friends.  But what we’re here to focus on is the patterned trouser.  What you’re reading is testament to how crazy prints and patterns add spice and personality to an outfit – but can still be taken seriously in more professional settings.

Each piece visibly compliments the next. A more subdued top half (the white T-shirt and beige jacket) levels a louder bottom half (fall-appropriate printed harem pants).  Harem pants, of a looser-fitting style, are generally flattering, and this freer style of pants make them compatible for settings like the office or an interview (whereas leggings would be a major no-no).  This compatibility and balance leave room to have fun with an accessory – why not a geometric necklace, adding another subtle pop of color? This particular accessory also works well with the neckline of the shirt.

How To: Balance is essential in achieving a versatile outfit. The fitted T-shirt is a good match for a looser pant leg. The print of these pants also contains both colors of the top of the outfit (white) and the bottom (black), anchoring the two pieces together. Keep that in mind when shopping for tops that match uniquely patterned trouser. Remember these basic tenets of balancing an outfit, you’re well on your way to pulling together a fantastic ensemble, wearable both day and night!