June 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

The weather towards the end of May is supposed to be in the mid seventies—a temperature that welcomes in the warmer month of June, aiding in a smooth transition from comfortable weather to blood boiling, skin sizzling, 90-degree days. While this is how we dream May to be, unfortunately Mother Nature does not always adhere to our wishes.

Instead, on a lovely Saturday evening, (lovely as in damp and dreary), Mother Nature decided to pelt us with rain and bombard us with wind.

Although summer typically brings out primary colored clothing, such as blue, red, yellow and green, color trends this summer knock traditional ones to the side. Christopher Shannon exhibits a modern take on these colors in his spring and summer 2015 line. He keeps men’s streetwear on the darker side, by pairing cobalt blue with black and white. He complements black high-tops with streetwear staple calf socks, as he layers neoprene pullovers and bomber jackets over button-downs and graphic T-shirts. The details that Christopher Shannon put into his line was effortlessly translated into this Fashionisto’s look.

To combat these raw conditions, he zipped up his cobalt blue anorak jacket and headed for the woods. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the woods. However, this 2015 trend of cobalt blue made that impossible. This cobalt blue jacket absolutely popped against leafy green trees behind him.

A plaid shirt was layered over his simple graphic T-shirt tying in his look from head to toe due to its color palette of varying shades of blue, black and gray. To add a polished detail to this outfit, he pinrolled his denim, a key element in the world of streetwear.

The rubber walls on his black high-tops were stamped with mud. Water from thick grass seeped into the canvas on his Chuck Taylors making them a shade darker. Personally, I am in favor of a well-worn shoe. I feel like it tells a story, or shows just how many miles they have seen.

While cobalt is not the first color that comes to mind when I think of summer, this Fashionisto’s easy look made me consider otherwise.

How To: Afraid that cobalt blue is too dark for the summer months? Have no fear, my friend! There’s a simple solution that is most likely hiding in your closet. Think of this simple equation: darker colors, such as cobalt blue or black, plus lighter colors, such as white or cream, equal a marvelously balanced look. Wear white high-waisted culottes, a cropped black halter-top and add a cobalt blue shell clip bag to create a dreamy summer feel to your look. This outfit would go great with a black brimmed straw hat for a day in the sun, or top it off with some black mule high heels to make it more appropriate for dinner. For all you Fashionistos interested in testing this trend, I would suggest purchasing a cobalt blue suite, a black tie and black loafers to create an edgier formal look.