Summer is a time for brighter colors and less clothing. When it comes to looking good, less clothing means showing off some skin and making every piece you put on count.

After you’ve picked out each piece, it’s the details that are what set apart the truly nifty from the rest. One of the first things I notice about someone’s outfit is the footwear. A good pair of shoes can make a whole outfit. This Fashionisto’s Nikes make his outfit pop in a way that will cause any person on campus to do a double take. The fiery color offers a strong contrast to the dark button-up shirt and shorts.

In addition, the narrow silhouette of the sneaker tones down the flashiness of the sneaker as a whole, allowing one’s eye to stay focused on the other components of this Fashionisto’s outfit. The texture of the flyknit material is a nice, subtle contrast to the texture of the button-up and shorts. This Fashionisto flawlessly demonstrates the recent trend of shoes with no socks by wearing short shorts and shows off some skin. This cut paired with the colorful sneakers make the whole outfit a suave summer look. The clubmaster shades are the cherry on top of the look.

How To: Make sure you have a detail in your outfit that contrasts with the rest of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to take a few risks when it comes to footwear. Pairing a monochromatic outfit with a pair of flashy sneakers is an easy way to add some color and life into your outfit.